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Angelcare Monitor If you or someone you love is expecting a baby, you will be interested in knowing about an Angelcare monitor. There has truly never been a baby monitor like the The Angelcare AC1100 3 in 1 Baby Monitor. This Angelcare monitor will allow a parent, grandmother or other caregiver to keep tabs on the little one at all times. With an Angelcare monitor, whoever is responsible for the baby is able to see and hear the child and know when they are moving about, as well. New parents are naturally concerned about their infant, but it's impossible to be everywhere at once. An Angelcare baby monitor will provide the parent or caregiver with a way to engage in housework, cooking, cleaning or other activities whilst still being aware of what the newborn, infant or toddler is doing in the other room. If you are a new parent who works from home, the features of an Angelcare monitor will allow you to focus on your business and keep an eye on your little one at the same time.

The AC1100 3 in 1 Baby Monitor by Angelcare is a three-in-one monitor. It provides minute-by-minute information about your baby's breathing, movement, sound and appearance. This Angelcare monitor comes with a full colour 2.75" touch screen and a CMOS video camera with night vision. If you don't know, CMOS stands for complementary metal oxide semiconductor. It is an energy-efficient way to run battery-powered devices. Your computer utilises CMOS technology to run its clock and other always-on features. This Angelcare monitor comes with a sensor pad that you slip under the mattress. If baby stops breathing for twenty seconds, an alarm will sound. If you worry about your little one suffering from potential breathing problems, the sensor pad will afford you much peace of mind.

All good parents wish to remain aware of their baby, even when they're not in the same room. An Angelcare monitor lets you do precisely that. The digital 2.4GHz audio feature will provide you with crystal clear sound transmission, both going to and coming from the baby monitor. The camera that comes with this Angelcare monitor may be zoomed and rotated from your remote location up to two hundred metres from the camera. When you are ready to know more about the Angelcare monitor, give Monitor My Baby a call on 01473 22 88 66. If you happen to be reading this article in the middle of the night, please send us your query via email to We look forward to hearing from you either way. Angelcare Monitor
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